Adoration Society.

A society who have put their names down on a rota for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament each Monday to Wednesday and on the First Friday of each month.

Altar Flower Society.

A society who provide flowers for our sanctuary area of the church.

Altar Servers.

The Altar Servers assist the priests at Masses and other church ceremonies.  Membership is open to young people who have received First Holy Communion.

Bethany Support Group.

This is a support group who help those who have been bereaved after the death of a loved one.  It is parish based and supportive by nature.

Choral Choir.

A group of singers led by Maura McManus who sing at the 11.15am Sunday Mass and other occasions during the church’s year.

Church Carers.

A group who volunteer to clean our church insuring that we have a nice ambiance to celebrate liturgy.

Family Mass Group.

The purpose of this group is to encourage the active participation of both parents and children in the liturgy.

Justice and peace group.

This group oversees how we as a community can contribute to the promotion of justice and peace on a national and international level.

Ministers of the Eucharist.

The Ministers distribute Holy Communion at Masses in the church.  They also bring Holy Communion to the sick and housebound.


Ministers of the Word.

God speaks to us through the scriptures.  As ministers of the word we have the honoured task of being the mouthpiece of God and our function is to provide a meaning and prayerful reading of the Word of God.


The RCIA programme is currently coordinated by our Parish Pastoral Worker Gertrude Gill.  Her role is to prepare adults for initiation into the church.

Society of St. Vincent De Paul.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society helps those most in need in the parish.

Meals on Wheels.

This group provides meals for the housebound on a regular weekly basis.

Inter faith group.

This group meets to foster the development of inter faith activity in our parish community.

Liturgy group.

The liturgy group are responsible for coordinating the liturgical life of our parish community.

Juve musical group.

This group provides the music for our 12.30pm Sunday Mass.

Myyam: Young Adult Ministry.

Myyam are involved in a range of liturgical activity for young people in our parish from prayer group meetings to being responsible for the celebration of our 5.30pm Sunday Mass.

Hospitality Group.

Providing hospitality after the 10am and 11.15 Sunday Masses in the parish hall the first Sunday of the month.

Christmas Fair Group.

This group plan and organise our annual Christmas Fair which provides funds for the running of our parish.

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