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Hello and welcome to my Page. You can find out something new about me here every week, and you can see me at the webcam Family Mass at 10.00am every Sunday.  

If you want to ask me anything or draw me a picture you can ask your Mum or Dad to send it to my assistant, Mary at”

Hi everyone. I hope you are all keeping well? I was at the 10.00am Family Mass by webcam last Sunday from as I had my very special role to play in the symbols at the very beginning of Mass. Last week I was leaning against a large rock but this time, as you can see, I had my own seat. The Mass was mainly about the Holy Spirit, and we remembered and prayed for the boys and girls who are still getting ready for Confirmation.

Fr. Kevin said the Holy Spirit is like the wind, as it blows the goodness in us into action. Just like the windmill I have in my hand – the windmill does nothing unless the wind blows and makes it whirl. In the same way, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us jump into action and do kind and loving things. At Confirmation, the boys and girls will receive the Holy Spirit in a very special way.

See you next Sunday 24th May at 10.00am! We will be thinking about the boys and girls getting ready for First Holy Communion at this Mass.


Here I am drawing a picture of my best friend Peter Bear. I have not seen him in quite a while – weeks and weeks. I do miss meeting up with all my friends and even going to school! Do you miss going to school? It is hard not to do all the usual things, isn’t it? But it is also good that we are staying home as much as possible and trying to keep everyone safe. Sometimes I like to sit and think about all the people I love. God has given me so many people to love and who love me, that I just have to say “thank you” sometimes. Do you ever say “thank you” to God for all the lovely people in your life?

I think I am going to send this picture to my friend Peter Bear just to let him know that I am thinking of him. Maybe he will send me back a letter – I love getting letters in the post!

Do you know anyone who might like a card, letter or drawing from you, or even a phone call?





Hello, it’s Sylvester Bear here. I hope you are all keeping safe and well? Were you watching the 10.00am Family Mass by webcam last Sunday from

I had a very special part to play in the symbols at the very beginning of Mass. Can you see that I am leaning back against a large stone? In the First Reading at Mass it said that the stone stands for Jesus. Like a rock, he is so solid and dependable that we can all lean on him, when we need a little help.

The Gospel told us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You can see the sign post we used to show this. Which way would you choose?

See you next Sunday at 10.00am.


Some days you just need to take a rest! I love the sunshine, and the weather has been really good for the past week, so I took a break from my work to just chill outside! Do you know the best thing about being out in the garden? I love seeing and hearing all the bees, birds and butterflies. Have you noticed how loud the birds are these days? I can hear them every day and their singing is just beautiful.

Do you have a favourite bird? My favourite is the Robin, but I also like the Blackbird for singing. Nature is wonderful and always reminds me of God who made our beautiful world. Why don’t you go outside with your family and listen to the birds today?


In this photograph here, I was at the family Mass in Yellow Walls Parish on Sunday 3rd May last. I look very lonely in this picture, don’t you think? But that’s because everyone is doing the right thing and staying at home, so that we will not pass this virus on to anyone.

I will be at the 10.00 a.m. Mass every Sunday for the next while. Why don’t you check in online at and click on the webcam to see me. You can give me a wave.









This is my best friend Rufus. He is my pet cat! Do you have a pet?

The word Rufus means RED – as you can see his fur is a golden red colour and that is why he is called Rufus. I am called Sylvester after St Sylvester who was a holy man who brought the faith to people in Ireland many hundreds of years ago. The church is also called after him too.

Names are very special.

How did you get your name? Are you called after anyone in particular? Ask your parents about how you got your name.