Peace and Justice

Malahide Justice and Peace Group

Malahide Justice and Peace Group was set up in St. Sylvester’s parish in
November 2008 from a Catholic social doctrine viewpoint which stresses
justice as an integral part of the Gospel message of Jesus.

Over the past four years it launched three successful international projects.
The first was the construction of a community centre for Beth Jela parish,
Bethelem as Catholics in the area had nowhere to meet whether they were
young old or disabled.

The second one was in Kiran ,India which catered for children who were
disabled ,abandoned or orphaned.  The third was a project in Kenya catering
for HIV victims. All our projects were ones brought to our attention and
which were in need of financial support. However in each project a justice
awareness of the background to each one was also our focus. As regards the
Bethelem and the Kiran project students in Malahide community school became
actively involved.

Nearer home within the Darndale Belcamp area the parish based New Life
Centre provides many opportunities for parishioners to develop their God
give gifts and talents and as education is the key to unlocking these gifts
and talents a major effort is put into encouraging students to remain within
the secondary education system until their Leaving certificate graduation. A
grinds system was set up to help these students succeed in school and over
the past four years this has proved to be a successful project whereby
volunteer teachers organised by the Justice and Peace group give one hour a
week to motivate and help these students to succeed.

We also organised the successful closing of the ‘headshop’ in Malahide and
we collected over 1400 signatures in our book of condolences which was
presented to the P.S.N.I. assistant Chief Constable , Judith Gillespie and
the British Army commander ,Brigadier Norton after the murders of P.S.N.I.
officer Stephen Carroll and soldiers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar in
April 2009.

We have been active in promoting Fair Trade within Malahide which is about
ensuring that a fair price is paid to small farmer cooperatives in the
developing world for their products and campaigning for better working
conditions for their workers. ‘ Fair Trade Ireland ‘ has granted the
parishes of St. Sylvester’s and the Sacred Heart  the status of being Fair
trade parishes  but work remains to be done to extend this status to our
entire area.

As we are now in a cluster of parishes we feel that a joint Justice and
peace group representing all our parishes would be a visible sign of our
universality and unity as we pursue our Gospel driven commitment to Justice
and peace . The work for justice and peace is never-ending.