Myyam – Young Adults 18-35yrs



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Striving to make the parishes of St. Sylvester’s and Yellow Walls more welcoming, inclusive and active for young adults in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s.


Myyam at a glance:

  • Reflection Nights
  • Taizé Prayer Prayer Nights
  • Soup Run serving Dublin’s homeless
  • Organising liturgy at 5.30pm Sunday Mass in St. Sylvester’s Church
  • Tea & chat
  • Assisting with young people’s 6.30pm Saturday evening Mass in Yellow Walls
  • Passion Play
  • Nightfever Malahide Events
  • World Youth Day
  • Bible study
  • Attending Retreats run by Youth2000, Elation Ministries, Knock Youth Ministry…
  • Myyam Christmas Party!!
  • Volunteering at IEC2012 YouthSpace,
  • Linking with CASA, Sybil Hill nursing home, Christmas Mass in prison


Introducing some of our activities:


Taizé Evening Prayer:

Sometimes you need a break.  College is going hard, work is piling up, and life is just draining.  Guess what?  Jesus found that too.  Sometimes the crowd got too much and he needed to have some time in peace.  He spent his time with his friends praying and chatting.  In MYYAM we, like Our Lord, find time to pray and chat with our peers.  One of the ways we do this is our regular Taizé style evening prayer, a calm and uplifting experience with the Risen Christ.

Taizé is a little village in France, where just after the Second World War Br Roger founded an ecumenical monastic community.  Over the years it has attracted thousands of young people from all over Europe and the world.  Because of this the brothers needed simple ways of praying, some they wrote chants.  For more info go to

MYYAM organise Taizé prayer evenings at various times throughout the year where we sit and pray in the Taizé style. The quiet, darkened, peaceful atmosphere gives us the opportunity to relax and pray. With Gospel readings and singing chants, we bring our petitions, worries, and thanksgiving before God

The 5.30pm Mass:

The 5.30pm Mass:

We are really privileged to have such an active input into the liturgy for this Mass – this is an opportunity young people in others parishes just do not get!! I would therefore really like to encourage as many of you as possible to come and be part of this unique opportunity – even if you can’t make it every week, it would be great to see you when you can.  We have many different roles such as:

  • Music Ministry – do you play an instrument or sing?
  • Ministers of the Word (reading the scriptures and the prayers of the faithful)
  • Ministers of the Eucharist
  • Collectors of the basket collection
  • Gift bearers
  • Greeters (welcoming people at the door as they arrive)


So there’s something to suit everyone!

If you think you might be able to get involved, even on an ad hoc basis, let me know or drop up to us some Sunday after the Mass


SOUP RUN – a reflection:

The Soup run is a very emotional and very rewarding experience. It is a side of society where we get to see people who truly have nothing. We meet people who sleep in doorsteps and the only food they may get on a particular is from a soup run. The homeless people that we meet are some of the most grateful people on earth, they always remember their manners, say please and thank you and so on. It is more than just feeding them. It is a visit where we provide them with chat and prayers. They live very lonely lives where for the most part they would have neither.

The soup run that MYYAM are involved in operates out of the basement of Teach Mhuire on Gardiner Street on Tuesday and Friday nights. Volunteers come together from a number of groups including SVP Trinity College. Some volunteers go in to make the sandwiches at 7pm and the Soup Run itself commences at 8.45pm. All the food is divided between 3 boxes. The soup run is divided into three teams and we cover three different routes throughout the city. There is no specific stop off points. We just supply food, tea, coffee, soup fruit and chocolate to our friends who are in need. Then we try and supply them with some hope. Hope is the best thing that anybody can give them. There are positive stories where people who were once homeless who are now working in jobs of satisfaction come up and thank the organisers for their help when they were hungry.  The organisers have done it for nearly ten years.

We would encourage more people to get involved. It will be an emotional experience and the scale of hunger and homelessness will shock you initially. However it is extremely rewarding. You will get far more back than you put in!



What do YOU want from your young adult ministry?

We would love your feedback on what you would like/not like from the group, what you think of us so far and any related thoughts you have in general!!! Please let us know J



To give feedback or to find out more about us:

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