Mass Attendance

Masses – both Sunday and Daily – have resumed in our Cluster.  See below:

Temporary Mass Schedule 
Malahide:        Saturday –  10.00: Sunday –  9.00, 10.30, 12.00: Weekdays –  9.30 Mon – Fri (excl Thursday – Service).

Portmarnock: Saturday –  6.30 pm: Sunday –  11.00, 12.30: Weekdays -10.00 (excl Tuesday)

Yellow Walls:  Saturday –  6.00 pm: Sunday – 11.30 (10.00 from Sept 6th): Weekdays -10.00 (excl Wednesday – Service).

Kinsealy:         Sunday –    11.15: Weekdays – 10.00 Wednesday and Friday this week.

• Note that there is no 5:30pm Mass in Malahide until further notice.

Mass will not resume in the Carmelite Convent for the time being.


Attendance at Mass in Malahide needs to be arranged beforehand:

NEW ARRANGEMENTS as from 5th September 2020:                                                                              Parishioners will now be given a monthly list of the Sunday Masses at which they have a place for the Mass time they requested. We will not be assigning people to either the Church or the Parish Centre. When the church is full then people will be asked to attend Mass in the Parish Centre or likewise if the Parish Centre filled up first. If you are on the list for a particular Sunday, you will be able to attend Mass so long as you are on time. Once Mass starts we can no longer guarantee a person their place at that Mass.

If you cannot attend a Mass at which you have a place we will not be able to rearrange for you to attend a different Mass that month. We would, however,  appreciate it if you let us know beforehand of a Mass that you will not be able to attend.

To arrange attendance at Mass, click on the attendance link and fill out the form or telephone 01 549 6512. You need only make the arrangement once and at the beginning of each month, on a rota basis, you will be informed of the Masses at which you have a place for the Mass time you requested.

Requests for attendance at Sunday Mass made in September will be included in the October Mass attendance lists.

The reason for having to arrange attendance at Mass beforehand is because to facilitate social distancing in the Church, we are reduced to 17 pews giving us 34 spaces some of which can accommodate two from the one household. We can accommodate some extra people in the rooms in the Parish Centre but Government regulations permit no more than six people in each of the rooms.

For family groups wishing to attend Mass on a special occasion e.g. anniversary or months mind, we can offer 6 places in one of the Parish Centre rooms and 2 people in the Church at a Sunday Mass. It may not be at the Mass or on the day you first wish but with flexibility on all sides such requests can be accommodated.

Face Masks must be worn when attending Mass. If you are using a face shield, you must also wear a face mask.

Please do not attend Mass if you are feeling in any way unwell.

In all that we do, we are seeking to have a safe and controlled environment in which Mass is celebrated.

The Sunday Mass obligation has been dispensed with for the time being.

Sunday and weekday Masses in both Yellow Walls and Portmarnock are accessible on the webcam. See Mass schedule above.

Mass Intentions: Not Attending/Attending Mass
– If you cannot attend Mass and wish to have an anniversary/months mind/special intention mentioned at the webcam Masses in Portmarnock (11:00am) or Yellow Walls (11:30am), please contact the Parish Office.
– If you are attending Mass and wish to have an anniversary/months mind or just wish to have a person prayed for, living or deceased, please let the office know and the person will be included in the prayers of the Mass you are attending.
– Sunday & weekday Masses in St Sylvester’s are shared intentions. Individual Mass intentions will be accepted but the Mass will most likely be arranged to be said by a Missionary Order. €10. Shared Mass Cards: €3.

Weekday Mass

As the requests for attendance at daily Mass exceeds the number of places available and is greater than 50, there is now an increasing possibility that, on some days, we may not be able to cater for everyone who wishes to attend weekday Mass. If this should happen to you, we  apologise and ask for your understanding. It is not how we want things to be but is a consequence of the many inconveniences which Covid-19 is bringing to our lives. With
the variation in people’s attendance at daily Mass, we have been able to accommodate most people on most days. Our priority is to provide a controlled and safe environment for Mass to take place and to observe all official guidelines for the celebration of Mass. We now need to state and apply the following arrangements for weekday Mass:
• Once all spaces are filled or 50 people are in the Church, the doors will close.
• Only those on the list will be allowed into Mass until all spaces or 50 people are in the Church.
• Once all spaces are filled, nobody else can enter the Church even if on the list.
• Once Mass starts, the doors will be closed and nobody else will be allowed in regardless of whether all spaces are filled or 50 people are in the Church.