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Sylvester is Back!

Hi everyone.

Sylvester Bear here – I’m back!

This was my last Mass by webcam from Yellow Walls Parish. Can you see me again in the Sacred Space?  The theme of the Readings at the Mass was about kindness and welcome.  I brought along a big box of board games and a football – I love to play but of course you cannot play boardgames and football on your own.  So when we are kind and we welcome others and include them in our games, everyone is happy.  Its great to be asked to join in a game and its great to have someone to play with!

After this I took a few weeks off as St. Sylvester’s Church was preparing to resume Mass and there was a lot of preparation to be done.  Lots of people got involved so I wasn’t needed.  The church is now ready to open tomorrow Sunday 12th July for Mass after so many months of being closed.  There are only 34 spaces available as everything is being done according to the Health advice, to make sure everyone who enters the church will have a prayerful and safe experience.  If you want to book a place for Sunday or weekly Mass just go to the parish website and there is information there about who to contact. Hopefully, everyone will get the opportunity to attend Mass on at least one Sunday over the next few weeks.

I hope to be at Mass on Sunday 12th July – maybe I will see you there!  If you are over 13 don’t forget to wear a mask in the church. Make sure you have an email or text confirming that you have a seat booked, and listen to the Stewards who will be there to help you at all times. Yes, it is all very strange – but we will do our best to make sure that you know what is going on at all times, and give you any assistance you may need.

The main thing is that we will be able to pray and worship together in God’s house as a real community of faith. That’s worth waiting for!



Hi everyone. This is the Sacred Space from last Sunday’s Family Mass on Sunday 7th June 2020 and broadcast by webcam from

Can you see me again in the picture?  I am holding a big shamrock and there is also a pot of shamrock on the table. I was a bit confused when I saw the shamrock first and had to hold the big shamrock – I know it’s been months since Saint Patricks Day. In fact the schools and churches have been closed since then and we didn’t get to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day at all this year.   Anyway, last Sunday was the special day on which we celebrate the Trinity – that is the Father, the Son, (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit who are all the one God. (The word Trinity means three things)

Its very hard to explain that about God, or to try to understand it. So what Fr. Kevin said was that when St. Patrick came to Ireland to teach the Christian faith to the Irish, he tried to think of a way to explain the Trinity to them.  And then he saw a little shamrock growing at his feet and he picked it, and explained to them that the shamrock was like the Trinity.  He said it had one stem and three separate leaves and in the same way the Trinity was one God with three separate persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.   The people came to understand and believe.  There are lots more stories about St. Patrick – Im sure you have heard more about him in school.  I hope we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next year with lots of music and fun!

I have to say I still find it very hard to understand the Trinity so I was happy with what Fr. Kevin later on in Mass. He said that we don’t really have to understand everything about God. Nobody could ever know everything about God.

The Trinity is really about how great God is for me. God is a loving Father who created you and me and the world, and all the nice things in the world that are good for us.

God is the caring Son, Jesus, who came to be our friend. Nobody better than Jesus has ever lived in this world. Jesus brought us the best of all that is good and loving and the best of life because he rose from the dead.

God is the life-giving Holy Spirit giving us special gifts like wisdom, understanding, right judgement and courage to help us choose what is best and to help us live like Jesus.  And the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all on our side!! Isn’t that good to know?   Let’s think about that the next time we bless ourselves and make the Sign of the Cross.



I really love my big shamrock that I got to carry at Mass on Sunday. I am going to keep that for St. Patrick’s Day next year!  Maybe I will even get to walk in a parade – that would be just magic!!









Can you say “Hi” to my pet cat Nero – he is sick at the moment, but I hope he will be better soon.  We had to bring him to the vet yesterday and he had to have an injection. He didn’t seem to mind – I think he just wants to be well again.  St. Francis was a great friend to all animals, so I am going to say a prayer to St. Francis for Nero.  I have 2 cats – Nero is the black one!



Hi everyone. Here I am again in the Sacred Space at the 10.00am Mass last Sunday 31st May broadcast from

There is a lot of red in this picture isn’t there? This Sunday we were thinking in a special way of all the boys and girls who have had their Confirmation Day postponed because we cannot gather in church, at the moment.  There were special red candles lit on the altar, at the beginning of Mass, for each of the schools in our parishes where Confirmation Day has still to happen. We are all looking forward to that day – it will be a great celebration.





Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit came on the apostles, just as Jesus promised them. Red is the colour of Pentecost and the colour we use at Confirmation too. So, we had a red cloth on the table and Fr. Kevin wore red vestments. I wore some red too which you cannot see in the picture above,  but here I am in my new red trousers and bow-tie.

We had various symbols in the Sacred Space. On the table there is a Baptism Candle which reminds us of our Baptism, and also the Ceremony of Light. If you are preparing for Confirmation you will already have attended the Ceremony of Light. There is also the Bible which is so important as we can learn all about Jesus by reading it. Then we had three symbols that stand for the Holy Spirit – the windmill which needs the Wind to move, the red Flame that I am holding, and the picture of the Dove which one of our parish schools made.  And then at the bottom we had a picture of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit – all the good things we can bring into our lives if we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to live like Jesus did: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control,

Next Sunday 7th June at 10.00 we will have the Family Mass for the feast of the Trinity. Hope you will look in online!



I think it’s very hard to go to bed early in summer – when it is still bright outside and I would much prefer to be outside playing. But it is important to get enough sleep so sometimes I don’t mind, especially if I’m very tired. I like to read stories in bed, but I always read my prayers first in case I forget.  Here I am with the prayer card that some of the boys and girls, who are preparing for First Holy Communion, were given. I like the Night Prayer in it, and I try to say it every night.  Here it is in case you don’t have the prayer card:

“God our Father, I come to say,

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the love you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning, send your light.


Won’t you join me in saying this prayer each night?

Say hello to my favourite toys too – Green Ted and Pug!  Pug looks like he really likes saying his prayers. doesn’t he?  What are your favourite toys?







Hi everyone. Here I am in the Sacred Space at the 10.00am Mass last Sunday 24th May broadcast from

I hope you were looking in. We were thinking in a special way of all the boys and girls who have had their First Holy Communion day postponed because we cannot gather in church at the moment. You can just see at the very top of this photo a line of small white candles across the altar. These were lit at the beginning of Mass – one for each school in our group of parishes. Fr. Kevin also thanked the boys and girls for staying home and helping to keep everybody safe. We are all looking forward to a wonderful celebration with them in the future.

Last Sunday was also Ascension Sunday when Jesus ascended, or went back, up to Heaven. We had various symbols in the Sacred Space. At the bottom is a picture of Jesus ascending into Heaven. Then beside that is a globe of the world – because Jesus message of love is for the whole world. On the table there is a Baptism Candle – that reminds us that when we were baptised we became part of God’s family and a friend of Jesus. (Ask your parents about your baptism – maybe they have some photos they could show you!)

There is also the Bible and a First Communion Prayer Card. The Bible is so important as we can learn all about Jesus by reading it. And we can’t really be a follower of Jesus if we don’t know much about him, can we? The prayer card has lovely prayers in it, for praying at home or with your family.

And then, last of all there is me – I am always at the Family Mass because I am representing all of you, the boys and girls who cannot be there. Fr. Kevin said I am wearing the Dubs colours – am I? I hope you will look in online on Sunday next at 10.00. I’ll give you a wave!




When Im not at Mass, getting ready for Mass or helping Mary with a Bible story, I like to relax, but also to take some exercise, especially in this really lovely weather. Because we have to spend so much time at home, it’s important to get out and about in the fresh air too. What do you do when you are outside? Walk, run, play? It’s so good to get out and walk in nature too – if you are lucky to have trees and fields near you. There are so many birds, bees and flowers all around at the moment. I’m not very good at walking as my legs are not very long so I like to go out and about by bicycle! As you can see here.

My legs are too short for cycling too but that’s ok! I have my very own cycle “person” so alI I have to do is sit in the basket and enjoy the scenery. It’s a lovely way to get out and about. Last week when it was very windy we cycled to the beach to try to take some photos, but I was nearly blown away, so we had to come home again without any pictures except this one.

When I am outside, I often think how beautiful nature is. Last week Pope Francis reminded us that is it 5 years since he wrote his famous letter on how we should be looking after the earth and everything in it. The letter is called “Care for Our Common Home”. Our common home is, of course, the earth, and the letter is addressed to every person on the planet. It is too long a letter for children to read, so here is a link to a short animated film that explains it all and what Pope Francis is asking us to do.

There is another version here for older children and teens

Can you think of ways you and your family can make a difference?







Hi everyone. I hope you are all keeping well? I was at the 10.00am Family Mass by webcam last Sunday from as I had my very special role to play in the symbols at the very beginning of Mass. Last week I was leaning against a large rock but this time, as you can see, I had my own seat. The Mass was mainly about the Holy Spirit, and we remembered and prayed for the boys and girls who are still getting ready for Confirmation.

Fr. Kevin said the Holy Spirit is like the wind, as it blows the goodness in us into action. Just like the windmill I have in my hand – the windmill does nothing unless the wind blows and makes it whirl. In the same way, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us jump into action and do kind and loving things. At Confirmation, the boys and girls will receive the Holy Spirit in a very special way.

See you next Sunday 24th May at 10.00am! We will be thinking about the boys and girls getting ready for First Holy Communion at this Mass.


Here I am drawing a picture of my best friend Peter Bear. I have not seen him in quite a while – weeks and weeks. I do miss meeting up with all my friends and even going to school! Do you miss going to school? It is hard not to do all the usual things, isn’t it? But it is also good that we are staying home as much as possible and trying to keep everyone safe. Sometimes I like to sit and think about all the people I love. God has given me so many people to love and who love me, that I just have to say “thank you” sometimes. Do you ever say “thank you” to God for all the lovely people in your life?

I think I am going to send this picture to my friend Peter Bear just to let him know that I am thinking of him. Maybe he will send me back a letter – I love getting letters in the post!

Do you know anyone who might like a card, letter or drawing from you, or even a phone call?








Hello, it’s Sylvester Bear here. I hope you are all keeping safe and well? Were you watching the 10.00am Family Mass by webcam last Sunday from

I had a very special part to play in the symbols at the very beginning of Mass. Can you see that I am leaning back against a large stone? In the First Reading at Mass it said that the stone stands for Jesus. Like a rock, he is so solid and dependable that we can all lean on him, when we need a little help.

The Gospel told us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You can see the sign post we used to show this. Which way would you choose?

See you next Sunday at 10.00am.


Some days you just need to take a rest! I love the sunshine, and the weather has been really good for the past week, so I took a break from my work to just chill outside! Do you know the best thing about being out in the garden? I love seeing and hearing all the bees, birds and butterflies. Have you noticed how loud the birds are these days? I can hear them every day and their singing is just beautiful.

Do you have a favourite bird? My favourite is the Robin, but I also like the Blackbird for singing. Nature is wonderful and always reminds me of God who made our beautiful world. Why don’t you go outside with your family and listen to the birds today?





In this photograph here, I was at the family Mass in Yellow Walls Parish on Sunday 3rd May last. I look very lonely in this picture, don’t you think? But that’s because everyone is doing the right thing and staying at home, so that we will not pass this virus on to anyone.

I will be at the 10.00 a.m. Mass every Sunday for the next while. Why don’t you check in online at and click on the webcam to see me. You can give me a wave.









This is my best friend Rufus. He is my pet cat! Do you have a pet?

The word Rufus means RED – as you can see his fur is a golden red colour and that is why he is called Rufus. I am called Sylvester after St Sylvester who was a holy man who brought the faith to people in Ireland many hundreds of years ago. The church is also called after him too.

Names are very special.

How did you get your name? Are you called after anyone in particular? Ask your parents about how you got your name.