The intended bride and groom must be free to marry, both in civil law and canon law and all the necessary paperwork must be in place.

It is very important that you contact the priest in your place of residence who will help and assist you with your paperwork.  Even if you are getting married outside of your parish, you must contact your priest at least three months before your date of marriage.  When he has completed all your paperwork it is then sent to us.  We expect the paperwork no less than four weeks before the marriage.

All couples who live outside the parish and have no connection with St. Sylvester’s are asked to provide their own priest.

The couple need to contact the civil authority – Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2; Tel. 01-8638200 – they require a minimum of three month’s notice.

A church offering is welcome.

To help the couple prepare for their marriage; pre marriage courses are available through Accord – 01-4784400.


Choir Director – Jennifer Snow – Tel: 086-8415646  


Organist – Marianne Nolan – Tel: 01-8453247 or 086-2372639



We want your wedding day to be a very happy time for you both, if you have any concerns or worries we are only too happy to assist you in any way we can so never hesitate to contact us:

Rev. Fr. Kevin Moore, Moderator     Tel: 01-5496615