Malahide Bethany Bereavement Support Group

‘The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion,
who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing… not healing, not curing… that is a friend who cares.’
(Henri Nouwen)

Just to say that our Monday evening Bethany Support Meeting on the second Monday of each month is now at 7.30pm not 8pm. Blessings Susan

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By definition a Bethany support group is a voluntary based ministry which aims to help the bereaved and grieving.  The name Bethany recalls the visit of Jesus to Mary and Martha on the death of their brother Lazarus.


It is reassuring and important to mention that Bethany members are trained to listen with understanding and empathy, are dedicated and fully committed to their ministry.  They also have a deep conviction about the value of their ministry and bring with them a very evident appreciation of the person of Jesus Christ in their lives.


Each of us know from our own experience of grief, listening to a friend’s grief, the loss of a loved one is a time which requires a deep sense of understanding and empathy.  It demands respect and attention; likewise one should never be afraid to grieve.  Grief is recognition of a loss suffered, a cry for help, consideration, and a time to attend to the various emotions and needs it brings its way.


The process of grief is unique to each individual.  In other words it is your grief, your experience, your pain and loss and consequently it needs to be understood and processed from this perspective.


Grief has no time limit, it has no set pattern, it has different forms of expression that need to be heard for what they are.  Likewise we should never be ashamed of how we grieve, we should never feel alone or abandoned in our grief.  There is the support of our Bethany Group, the support of friends and family, our community, priests of the parish, parish pastoral worker, coupled with the support of those in the medical profession.


Grief that is left unattended has a detrimental impact on our lives.  It impacts our emotional lives, our interpersonal relationships, our physical well being, our spiritual lives and every aspect of our living.  It is therefore ESSENTIAL that we attend to grief in our lives.

Our Mission
Contact Details
Monthly Support Meeting
One on One Support
Assistance with Funeral Preparation
Annual Service of Remembrance
Information Evenings

Our Mission

The Bethany Bereavement Support Group is a voluntary parish based ministry, which aims to help the bereaved and grieving. The name Bethany recalls the visit of Jesus to Mary and Martha on the death of their brother Lazarus.

Contact Details

Anyone who wishes to speak to a trained Bethany listener can contact

St. Sylvester’s Parish Office @ 8451244 or Malahide Bethany @ 087-7936189 at anytime.



1. Support Sessions:
Meetings are held, usually, at 10.30am each Monday (except bank hols) and on the 2nd Monday of the month at 8pm in St Sylvester’s Parish Pastoral Centre. support is offered by trained Bethany members who provide the opportunity to the bereaved and grieving to share their experiences in complete confidence. Each person is given the opportunity to speak about his/her bereavement but there is no obligation to do so. One is free to say as little or as much as he/she wishes.
2. One-to-one support is also provided at the meetings. Alternatively if anyone wishes to speak to a trained Bethany listener they can do so at any time by contacting
the on-call Bethany listener
on 087-7936189
3. Funeral Preparation:
The Bethany support group assists bereaved families in the preparation of the Funeral Mass for example by calling to the house, or meeting the family in the Parish Pastoral Centre and providing Liturgy Readings, Hymns etc.
4. Home Visits:
In some parishes Bethany also make house visits. The Malahide Bethany Group will provide this support to those who may not be in a position to avail of the other supports offered.
Further Information:
For information about the Malahide Bethany Bereavement Support Group please contact
Bethany 087-7936189 or
The Parish Office 8451244


Information Evenings

During the year we provide information evenings about bereavement. These talks are presented by professionals in the field of bereavement and be of great benefit to those grieving.

Annual Service of Remembrance

This service takes place on a Friday evening during the month of November.  It is an opportunity as a community of faith to gather and support each other through the loss of a loved one and also offer prayer for the repose of their souls.


Just a thought…………………………

In the story of the enchanted forest the trees are withered, lakes and rivers dried.  The birds stop singing and flew from the sky.  The sun got darker, the moon showed her pale shine, it seems that everything was dead.  As time passed the forest became a sad and desolate place to be.  Was it destroyed forever?  One day a small light began to shine in the forest.  Day by day the forest slowly began to return to life.  That small light of hope transformed everything – it brought healing to the forest and restored everything to its former glory.

In many ways this short story mirrors what it is to be human.  In life we cannot escape the process of being hurt, but like the forest there is always a light of hope, and that light for us is the gift of God’s love, feeling the support and care of God, knowing that He is at our side, to allow our souls and our whole being to be transformed by the light of Christ.

May the God of healing be with each one of us and may we allow him into the depths of our hearts………………………..

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