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Full details concerning Resumption of Sunday Mass Attendance are set out in the Newsletter below:

 Newsletter – 12th July 2020 



St Sylvester’s Church is planning to resume Sunday Masses from July 12th.

For those expressing an interest in attending Sunday and/or Daily Mass when St. Sylvester’s church re-opens for public Mass, the following information is required by the 8th July.

The following information is required:

Your Name:

Contact Number (mobile if possible):

Email address (if contacting by telephone):

Your preferred time for Sunday Mass (Choose one of either 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm or any available time):

Please also indicate if you would like to attend Daily Mass

by Email – mass@malahideparish.ie

or by Telephone – leave a message at 01 549 6512

If there is more than one in your family who wish to attend at the same time please include their names and contact details in the email or telephone request.   If other family members wish to attend Mass at a different time they should send a separate email or telephone contact.



This has been a particularly difficult time for those who have been recently bereaved and for anyone who is coping with an ongoing personal grief experience.
During recent months, the Malahide Bethany Group has been continuing to offer support to those who have been bereaved.
Our weekly 10.30 am Monday bereavement support group has been conducted online since April and will continue be held online until we are ready to meet again safely in person.

We would welcome anyone who would like to join our on-line Monday morning bereavement support group.  Please contact us on our dedicated number 087-7936189 to find out more.
If you would like to speak to a trained Bethany volunteer, we are also available to provide individual telephone bereavement support.

Please click here to find out what Malahide Bethany is about.


Important Information re Resumption of Public Masses

Easing of Restrictions
• St Sylvester’s Church is planning to resume Sunday Masses from July 12th but is not yet ready to resume Weekday Masses. Social Distancing requirements have reduced our capacity to 34 spaces approximately in the Church and needs to be managed carefully.
• Our priority will be to make the experience of attending Mass, whatever your age, a pleasant, prayerful and meaningful experience. That, in so far as possible, going to Mass would happen without there being any stress, strain or anxiety and that you leave the Church happy to have attended.

Call for Volunteers
• In preparing for the resumption of Sunday Masses in St Sylvester’s Church, we will need many volunteers:
– We need a core group of about eight people to oversee the process.
– We need people to volunteer as Stewards.
– We need people to help sanitise the Church.
– We need people to help with some of the extra office work involved.
• If you can help, please contact the Parish Office as soon as possible. PUBLIC MASSES WILL NOT RESUME until all the help needed to meet official guidelines and requirements is in place.

An Evolving Situation
• A number of meetings with the Parish Pastoral Council, other parish groups and a gathering of people from various aspects of parish life have taken place and many ideas and suggestions have been discussed. What we do has been changing all the time. Now is more focused but probably things will continue to change and improve as time goes by and we keep learning. We need to make changes to Mass times for a number of reasons.
– Streamline better the Masses in Our Grouping of parishes.
– Help people think in a new way about which Mass to attend
– Continue to highlight the Sunday 10:00am Mass in Yellow Walls and 11:00am in Portmarnock as special webcam Masses for all parishioners in our Parish Grouping.
– Facilitate the absence of Mass in the Carmelite Convent.

Mass Schedule for July/August 2020
• The new Mass times, which are initially a temporary measure, are as follows:

Malahide:        Saturday –  9.30: Sunday –  9.00, 10.30, 12.00: Weekdays –  9.30

Portmarnock: Saturday –  6.30: Sunday –  11.00, 12.30:

Yellow Walls:  Saturday –  10.00, 6.00: Sunday – 10.00, 11.30: Weekdays -10.00 (excl Wednesday)

Malahide Weekday Commencement Dates To Be Announced Shortly
• Note that there is no 5:30pm Mass in July and August. Kinsealy has yet to be arranged.
• Weekday Masses in Malahide will be commence at a later date.

Limited Attendance
• Attendance will be limited by social distancing requirements and indoor gathering restrictions. The number of people who can be in the Church for a Mass could be as low as 34 people, if the requirement is two metres, or 54 people, if the requirement is less than two metres.
• In the current circumstances, it will not be possible for people to attend Mass every Sunday. It may be every second, third or fourth Sunday depending on the level of demand from parishioners to attend Mass.
• Rooms in the Parish Centre can be considered for use on Sundays but only if we have a sufficient number of volunteers to ensure proper stewarding and sanitising of the rooms.
• Initially, our focus and priority has to be on making sure that what happens in the Church is correct and manageable. If a sufficient number of volunteers makes it possible to consider the Parish Centre, then it will more than likely be used but possibly not on the first or second Sunday.

• For attendance at Mass, it is considered that we need to have an arrangement in place which ensures that those leaving their home to attend Mass know that they will be allowed into the Mass that they are going out to attend. This means that we need to have a process in place by which they can arrange for certain to be able to attend that particular Mass for which they are leaving their homes.

Who Can Attend Mass?
A first-come, first-in situation is not considered the fairest or wisest way to arrange this. Instead, guided by health advice, including the need for contact tracing and recording of attendances, the following arrangements will apply:
• Parishioners are invited to send a once-off expression of interest in attending Sunday Mass by e-mail to mass@malahideparish.ie. Those unable to use/access e-mail can leave a message at 01 549 6512. Messages should be sent any time between Wednesday, July 1st, and Wednesday, July 8th, if at all possible. Once-off messages sent after July 8th will also be accepted.
• The parishioner’s message should contain the name(s) and contact (mobile, if possible) number(s) of those wishing to attend either a specific Sunday Mass (i.e. 9:00am, 10:30am or 12:00pm) or any Mass for which numbers allow. They should also indicate any dates on which they do not wish or will not be able to attend Sunday Mass.
• As soon as possible thereafter and depending on the volume of applications received, parishioners will receive an e-mail reply which either confirms their place at a specific Mass on the following weekend or an assurance that they will be considered for the next available weekend.
• Parishioners who have applied and have received an e-mail to inform them that they can attend Mass on the upcoming Sunday will be asked to bring this e-mail message with them in order to assist the Stewards in confirming their attendance in the Church.
• Those parishioners who have applied but have not been accommodated for the weekend in question will be e-mailed again during the following week confirming their status in the application process.
• Parishioners who do not have e-mail access will instead be contacted by telephone.
• Once an initial expression of interest is submitted, there will be no need to apply to attend Mass on future weekends — unless a parishioner wishes to indicate his/her unavailability on a given date. Attendance will rotate according to availability and parishioners who can be accommodated on an upcoming Sunday will be notified during the week immediately preceding this Sunday.

Procedures to Follow When Attending Mass
When attending Mass, the following procedures will be very important to ensure a safe and healthy environment:
• When you enter the Church you must sanitise your hands.
• You will be shown to your seat.
• All who are 13 years of age or older must wear face masks.
• If you don’t have a face mask with you, we will provide one for you and ask that you bring your own one the next time.
• If you cannot wear a face mask because of medical circumstances, then possibly you should not be attending Church.
• The wearing of face masks means that you are helping to protect all others attending Mass.
• Going to Holy Communion will be along the side aisle. At the point where Holy Communion is being distributed, a hand sanitiser will be available and you must sanitise your hands.
• The priest/Minister of Holy Communion will be behind a screen wearing a mask.
• Holy Communion will be distributed in a manner that does not touch your hand.
• You then move to the centre of the sanctuary to a designated spot and place the host in your mouth.
• If the person distributing Holy Communion in any way touches the hand of the recipient of Holy Communion, they must re-sanitise their hands.
• Choirs cannot sing and collection bags cannot be distributed. There will be boxes in which people can make a donation to the Sunday Collections.
• You should not attend Mass if you are feeling in any way unwell or showing signs or symptoms of being unwell.
• If someone is displaying a consistent symptom of being unwell during Mass, we have been advised to request that person to leave but it would be better if someone in that circumstance decided for themselves to leave the Church — e.g. a persistent cough/sneezing/runny nose.

Resumption of Weekday Masses
Given the complexity of the arrangements governing the resumption of Sunday Masses in the Parish, weekday masses will resume as soon as is practicable and will be subject to the same type of procedures as described for Sunday Masses.

Our Abiding Hope for Parishioners
We are learning a new way of attending Mass. There seems to be a lot involved. Let us not lose sight of the importance of St Sylvester’s Church to our parish community and that the experience of attending Mass in this new way would be a positive, prayerful and meaningful faith-filled spiritual experience, in so far as possible, for all who attend



Is your Trócaire Box still at home?. You can drop it into the Parish Office or make a donation direct to Trócaire.


Services available by webcam for the parishes of Kinsealy, Malahide, Portmarnock and Yellow Walls

(until further notice)


10.00 am Family Mass from www.yellowwallsparish.ie


Next Sunday, 28th June 2020, at 10.00am we will have our Webcam Family Mass from Yellow Walls Church (www.yellowwallsparish.ie). This Sunday our Mass has kindness as its theme. In the attached file are colouring pages, prayers, readings and hymns for the Mass next Sunday that you could print to help with your child’s participation in the Mass.

At the end of the file is a story and some questions for Confirmation pupils but all pupils can have a look at it and try the questions if they wish. We hope the Confirmation pupils will have a go at the exercise and enjoy it and maybe even chat about it with their parents.

This will be the last Webcam Family Mass as school holidays begin and also because our churches prepare for the resumption of public Masses. We hope that these webcam Family Masses over the past few weeks helped you as a family and your children, in particular, to feel a connection to their local parish and a sense of involvement in the Sunday Mass when normal involvement in the Mass was not possible.

We invite parents to connect into the Mass with your children of all ages on Sunday morning. There is also a link to the document for the Mass on the parish website: www.malahideparish.ie

Thank you for looking in and participating in the Mass and to the schools for supporting and encouraging participation in the Mass.

On behalf of the priests in our Parish Grouping and also on behalf of Jennifer, Mary, Brendan, Jack and Ronan who were there for this Mass every Sunday,  we wish you every blessing and good wish and a nice summer break, Fr. Kevin.



11:00am Sunday Mass on Webcam from Portmarnock Church:
Sunday Mass for our Grouping of Parishes celebrated on the Portmarnock webcam at
www.portmarnockparish.ie providing a local focus for people to hear Sunday Mass.1.00 am Mass from www.portmarnockparish.ie



10.00 am Mass on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri from www.yellowwallsparish.ie

Until all churches resume Masses, please leave attendance at Yellow Walls Masses to those who normally attend daily Mass in that church as a limit of 50 people still applies to all churches.

NO Service of the Word on Tues and Thurs. It has now ceased.


Additional daily Mass is also available :

RTÉ News Now continues to broadcast Mass every weekday at 10:30am.

Daily Mass at 10:30am is available via webcam from St Mary’s Pro Cathedral (www.procathedral.ie).

A comprehensive list of Churches with scheduled daily Mass times is available from the following sites:






Funerals, Weddings & Baptisms:

Funerals, including Covid-19 deaths, can take place in the Church, along with Weddings
and Baptisms, so long as Government Guidelines are observed and adhered to.


Children’s  Area

Hello, Sylvester Bear here again. I’m Back! Have a look at me on my own page at the Sacred Space from my last Mass from Yellow Walls Church.

There is also lots of information about me and my friends there.

Parents can also find out about me on the Facebook page Malahide Parish of St. Sylvester




Bible Stories for Children

Mary Kirk is making some videos of Bible Stories using a methodology called Godly Play.

A new video story will be available each week and a new link posted here.


Latest children’s Bible story is “The Parable of the Good Shepherd” and it can be accessed here:



To see all of the previous videos 



Other Information from Mary, Pastoral Worker

Please join our new Parish Knitting Project — creating Knitted Hearts. Pattern
and more information are available from Mary via Tel: 087 457 0981 or e-mail:

Mary manages the parish Facebook page Malahide Parish of St. Sylvester and the parish Twitter account @malahideparish. She also has a blog/website www.marybkirk.com with information on various topics and prayers and reflections. Please check these sites regularly for information and updates.


Collections: Via The Parish Office OR The DONATE Button:

We know that the Church is not alone in financial uncertainty as many people are
also facing huge financial uncertainty in their own personal lives. For those who can
afford to, we ask if you might consider donating to the First or Second Collections
that normally take place on a Sunday or to the Parish or Easter Dues. You can do
so by getting in touch with the Parish Office by phone or e-mail or else by using the
DONATE button on the Parish homepage www.malahideparish.ie. In these times
of uncertainty and financial difficulty, we thank all who have been in a position to
continue their contributions to the Sunday Collections and to the running of the Parish.
It is very much appreciated. Thank you.


 Easter Dues:

Easter Dues are an important element in the remuneration of priests in the diocese.
This year, Easter Dues envelopes were ready to be distributed before Lockdown
occurred. Many parishioners have been enquiring about making a contribution to this
year’s Easter Dues and some have already done so for which we are very grateful. We
have been asked to arrange for this year’s Easter Dues Envelopes to be delivered. This
will be happening shortly. If you can afford to contribute to the Easter Dues, we ask
you to return the envelope to either of the boxes at the back of the Church or to the
parish office when possible.


Parish Office

NEW Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:30am — 1:00pm.

During these times, the Parish Office can only be contacted by phone 01 845 1244 or by e-mail to stsylvesters@malahideparish.ie.

Mass Cards : Orders for Mass Cards can now be taken by phone or email and posted out.

Shared Mass Cards: €3 including postage. Individual Mass Cards €10 including postage.

E-mail your Mass Card order including your name, address and telephone number to stsylvesters@malahideparish.ie. You will receive a call back to confirm the order and take a debit/credit card payment over the phone.

Phone in your details to 01 845 1244 every Friday between 11:00am and 1:00pm to order your Mass cards. Card payment will then be taken over the phone


Covid-19 Support Services
COVID-19 community supports are now in place to ensure vulnerable
members of the community are reached and helped at this time. These
comprise the local authority, Health Service Executive, County Champions,
An Post, Community Welfare Service, An Garda Síochána, other State organisations,
charities and other stakeholders.
See the Parish Newsletter for some helpful contact details:





Lenten Ecumenical talk presented by Pobail Scoil Iosa students on Wednesday night.

You can view the full presentation via the home page.



June 2020 Parish Draw Winners

Congratulations to the winners in the June 2020 Parish Draw, which took on 8th July 2020.

€1,000 First Prize: No. 526 – D Wallace

€500 Second Prize: No. 498 – T Gillen

€250 Third Prize: No. 439 – D Butler 

Sincere thanks to all who support the Parish Draw and good luck to everyone in next month’s Draw.

To learn about the Parish Draw